The Moroccan regime violates democratic freedoms in Global Day of Action for Real Democracy !!

In response to the Global Day of Action for Real Democracy Now! Young Moroccan activists have taken the initiative to call for a sit-in in Rabat (the capital of Morocco ) in 15th October.

At the time these young refined last technical and logistical preparations, in the local national of  ATTAC/CADTM Morocco, the forces of repression, composed of police and local enforcement officers responded violently. The police beat and arrested several activists before releasing them. After several hours of siege, the police enter in our local!

Despite this repression upstream, this action was held in unprecedented meeting scheduled by the organizers. The police repressed again to stop the sit-in held in the district “Agdal”. For the third time that day, the police censored with extreme violence, a sit-in organized by the “February 20 movement” in front of the Moroccan  Parliament.

The association ATTAC/CADTM salutes the courage of young militants and announces that:

  • We strongly condemn this action and call on all militants and organizations to denounce this repression and express their solidarity with these young
  • We condemn strongly the state of siege that hit our local and the entrance of repression forces within our local.
  • We believe the responsibility of Interior Ministry following this dangerous behavior that constitutes a violation of freedom of expression and organization
  • We call on all national and international political organizations and associations, to condemn this unacceptable act.

National Secretariat of ATTAC/CADTM Morocco

Saturday, October 15, Rabat


Un comentario el “Marruecos

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